Thursday, December 2, 2010

The ways of Cole---

I love the days when seeing joy is easy as pie. Well, that has been my week... makes for a pretty good week especially when the Code man is out of town... Here are some highlights of my week.

~Cole does not quite understand that everyone has a butt crack and that is is always "cracked". He talks about putting his butt crack on the "welf" (shelf)...I don't know why but it cracks me up. We were eating lunch today and he looked and me and said with a straight face, "I have a butt crack, again"

~ Cole was sitting on the potty and I was trying to fish a booger out of his nose. Well, the booger was pretty stuck and so we were slowly chiseling away at it when he says, "Mommy, try this (he reaches his hand around to the back of his head and starts hitting his head) maybe that will help!"

~ He also asked me one day "did you eat your boogers when you were a little girl?" To which I replied, "No" he then proceeds to say, "I do...they get stuck in the middle" (meaning between his teeth in the gap:) Okay, I have never seen him eat his boogers but that is definitely encouragement to remember to brush his teeth!

~When I ask him if he wants to go to preschool he says, "NO, you might get sad", he nailed that one on the head!

There are so many more but those are the ones that have brought me so much joy lately.

Oh yeah, this one is kind of funny but not so joyful....
We were waiting for Cody to get on Skype and I was making popcorn in the kitchen so I put the laptop by him and told him when the computer started to ring to yell for me so I could answer Cody's skype call. Well, not but 5 mins later I hear some mumbling about "T" and walk into the living room where he is holding up the "T" key. I asked him why he pulled it off and he says, "cause i don't like T" so he then proceeds to ask ,"where that other piece went?" crawls on the floor and brings me the remaining piece of the key.....I tried to be disappointed, I really really did but he was so honest about it, I just couldn't help it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Go Cards!

Last weekend, we went to Muncie for our 2nd annual-skip one year, tailgate. It was BSU's homecoming and they played Eastern or Western Michigan (I know, that is really bad that I don't know but honestly I didn't watch the game)

My brother, Tyler came from IWU to hang with us!
My best friend, Kira, and her husband, Scott, graciously host us EVERY TIME we stay in Muncie! Cole and their son Brody are BFFs!
Okay, look at these two cute little boys! They get along great, unless Cole says "Crunchy" then for some reason, unbeknownst to us, Brody gets so mad, and says, "No, it's Crun-cheee" and then Cole says, "no its Tun-chee" and then you can pretty much imagine what the next 5 minutes sounds like:) Man, they sure are cute little buddies!
This is a not so awesome family picture. The funny part about Charlie the Cardinal is that when we first got to the stadium we were waiting on our friends so we went to visit the Ticket Office (that is where Cody used to work). When we came out we saw Charlie and Cole didn't want to go up and say "Hi". So, we told Cole to go tackle him, he loved that idea so he ran up and tackled him to the ground, some camera guy was taping it and then after he got Charlie to the ground, Cole did a WWF kind of stomp on Charlie's chest! Everyone was laughing so hard. I guess it made the pre-game on TV....

Cole seriously had the time of his life!

Here are the boys rocking out with the marching band!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am really struggling with updating this thing. Even when I want to write something, my mind goes blank and I can't think of anything to say. So, this is all I can think of.
Cody and I reminded Cole it was important to not interrupt when people are talking. He looked at us and said "What does that mean? Is it like a volcano?" We were cracking up!
This picture has nothing to do with anything I said but I MADE THIS TRACK and I was so excited that I needed to take a picture. You can't tell very well but parts of this track is elevated with tracks running under it. It took way more time to build than I care to admit.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little bit of EVERYTHING

So, Cole took his shirt off the other day and pointed to his nipple and said, "I have a nibble". Which I answered, "yes you sure do" The question that followed stumped me a bit. He asked, "momma, why you have nibbles?"

ummm... well lets see, I started out telling him that I am not sure why boys have nipples but God gave them to everybody and that Mommy's have nipples so that they can feed babies. But then I thought that it might be a bit confusing and a bit too much, because he doesn't do that, and I pray that he doesn't remember doing it either.

So, fast forward a few paragraphs into the conversation and I found myself begging for Cody to be in town so that he can clean up the mess I just made. I mean the boy is three and I think he just got a little TMI.

Anyways, if you haven't noticed I am a nervous talker and I don't know when to stop.

On another subject, Cole had his first soccer game tonight. It was so cute to watch.

He seems to totally not understand the game and that made it even better, not to mention he totally looks like he is a soccer player I mean the hair is adorable but totally out of control.
He seemed to run off the field in the middle of the game and not think twice about it. He ran off of the field to greet my dad when he got there. He ranto me from the clear other side of the field , in the middle of the game yelling..."Mama Mama, I need to tell you wumpin' (something)!" Absolutely priceless!~

Cole also took the picture of my mom's hand, the picture of his grandma's hair, and the picture of my niece, all by himself. I would say he is pretty good with the camera:)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Proud Mama--

No, he has not even played in a game yet but seeing him all dressed up makes me smile. I know his daddy was pretty excited to go and buy his first pair of cleats. We got into the car and Cody said, "I have been waiting for this day my whole life." He didn't think his first pair of cleats would be soccer cleats but there is no way this momma would let someone tackle her baby in a football league at the age of 3, even if they had football available.

Cody was into making sure that his socks and cleats and shin guards were all matching. He didn't end up with Nike like he has on in the picture but with adidas instead. However, finding a XXS in youth soccer shorts proved to be quite the task and so he ended up with Umbro shorts. Let's just say his daddy favors Adidas....
Well, he looks adorable lets hope he at least enjoys soccer enough to play at more than one game.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tow Mater....

Isn't this awesome! We found this on our way to Pittsburgh at a rest stop.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

If I had $10,168 to dispose of.....

I would get one of these...

and some of these.....

Here's to hoping Cody realizes how much money I really did save by breast feeding...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cole is 3!

My Baby is 3! I can't believe it! I don't think Cole can either, he kept getting mad at us when we would tell him he was 3, he would tell us that he was 2. He said" it was not his birthday and that his birthday was coming up at the end of July" However, we talked about this on August 1st:) He kept changing his mind about what kind of birthday he wanted...Ice cream, Thomas, Wonder Pets, Monsters Inc., Muddy Thomas, Cars, etc.... So, he got a red and blue birthday along with some cupcakes bakes in ice cream cones and dirt pudding to satisfy his inner boy~

Cody took the day off and we went to the beach! Cole loved it!

He kept chasing all the birds! They loved his Goldfish crackers.

We buried him in the sand~

They ran like they were on BayWatch...

At Breakfast,we tried so hard to get Cole to hold up 3 fingers but they all kept falling Cody had to help him.

His Favorite snack minus the sand...

What a beautiful boy, we are so blessed to be his mom and dad!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We left our little man and i did not cry! He asked me to go bye bye and the he acted like he was going to get upset. I asked him what was wrong and he said that," Grandma, told me i can't have my present til after dinner" So, I am VERY glad we got him a gift for each day! It sure makes it hard to cry when your cutie seems so excited for his first "No parents allowed week".

We headed to Indy for the night to stay with some friends. We had a great time catching up!

Next stop, NASHVILLE, TN. My dearest sis in law lives there and kindly hosted us for 3 days.

Next stop Asheville, NC. A vacation, oh I mean business trip, for Pellet Fuel industries was underway. Cody playes golf a few times at the resort I hiked with some spouses and visited the mall and drove downtown. I have realized I really really enjoy going off by myself and just driving to see what is around. The pool here is also beautiful and it is a hike if you don't take the shuttle. 7/10th of a mile to be exact. This place is huge! The main inn is almost 100 years old. Don't mind the scaffolding in the picture, they are replacing the roof.
Tomorrow, I am hoping to read some more by the pool, or maybe I will go shopping. Cody is so wonderful and encourages me to go do whatever i feel like. If only I could get him to approve of a $225 dollar massage in the underground spa or even an $80 manicure...Haha, I'm not gonna push my luck!

Monday, July 12, 2010

From around the corner I peeked at him. He was in the pool with his swim teacher (my cousin's girlfriend). He had a look of determination and he was trying so hard. He was soaking in everything she had to say and repeating, "kick and pull" to himself. As he got closer to me, I quickly jumped behind the barn so he wouldn't see me. I did not want to be "one of those" moms:) I turned and walked back towards the house with tears in my eyes.

He is everything I have prayed for and so much more. Thank you, Jesus, for my sweet miracle baby. I never thought I would ever be as blessed as I am today.

Friday, July 2, 2010


My dad is helping Cole rollerblade during out FREAKING HUGE garage huge I mean 17 families...oh yes, Cole is in underwear at the garage sale, I failed to mention that he whipped his pants down to pee in the toy section of the barn and when i reminded him the next day to not go pee in the barn he stands with his toes on the concrete at the door and pees in the rocks in front of everyone....gotta love the obedient kids:)

I knew Cole was on the couch and walked into my room to get something and couldn't find him, he wasn't on the couch and i was calling for him....then i saw the curls!

We have such a good swimmer on our hands. After an hour of being in the pool he was swimming all over the place (don't worry daddy was in there with him)

Laidig girls- annual Chicago Trip 2010
(mom and me)

My sisters (Tiffany and Brittany)

My mother in law gave me a pie plate when Cody and I were dating. Her mother in law gave her one when she married Cody's dad. So, it was a sentimental pie plate. Well, while we were moving, it broke. She replaced it with this really pretty one. So, I thought I needed to post this cause it looks pretty...Rhubarb blueberry crisp....
Oh, did i mention, my husbands coming home from a business trip and I cooked AND baked....I know I know I over did myself....

He is feeling pretty confident in the water as you can see.....
Oh, this little curly heads imagination is starting to take off....
Here is how the conversation went while grocery shopping after he heard a boy in another aisle yell, "MOM!"
C: what that boy say?
Me: I don't know, what did he say?
C: "MOM!" ,we need to find that boy!
Me: Why buddy?
C: that boy is lost and scared
Me: why do you think he is lost and scared?
C: he is lost and scared in the hallway (i think he meant aisle)
Me: I think he is okay but keeping looking to see if you can find him
C: that boy is lost and scared in the hallway
me: I really think that boy is okay but keep your eyes peeled for him...
c: what Eye peeled mean?
me: keep looking for him babe
c: maybe he is in a dinosaur mouth....
I have heard of dinosaur attacks at Meiler lately, its a shame!