Sunday, July 18, 2010


We left our little man and i did not cry! He asked me to go bye bye and the he acted like he was going to get upset. I asked him what was wrong and he said that," Grandma, told me i can't have my present til after dinner" So, I am VERY glad we got him a gift for each day! It sure makes it hard to cry when your cutie seems so excited for his first "No parents allowed week".

We headed to Indy for the night to stay with some friends. We had a great time catching up!

Next stop, NASHVILLE, TN. My dearest sis in law lives there and kindly hosted us for 3 days.

Next stop Asheville, NC. A vacation, oh I mean business trip, for Pellet Fuel industries was underway. Cody playes golf a few times at the resort I hiked with some spouses and visited the mall and drove downtown. I have realized I really really enjoy going off by myself and just driving to see what is around. The pool here is also beautiful and it is a hike if you don't take the shuttle. 7/10th of a mile to be exact. This place is huge! The main inn is almost 100 years old. Don't mind the scaffolding in the picture, they are replacing the roof.
Tomorrow, I am hoping to read some more by the pool, or maybe I will go shopping. Cody is so wonderful and encourages me to go do whatever i feel like. If only I could get him to approve of a $225 dollar massage in the underground spa or even an $80 manicure...Haha, I'm not gonna push my luck!

Monday, July 12, 2010

From around the corner I peeked at him. He was in the pool with his swim teacher (my cousin's girlfriend). He had a look of determination and he was trying so hard. He was soaking in everything she had to say and repeating, "kick and pull" to himself. As he got closer to me, I quickly jumped behind the barn so he wouldn't see me. I did not want to be "one of those" moms:) I turned and walked back towards the house with tears in my eyes.

He is everything I have prayed for and so much more. Thank you, Jesus, for my sweet miracle baby. I never thought I would ever be as blessed as I am today.

Friday, July 2, 2010


My dad is helping Cole rollerblade during out FREAKING HUGE garage huge I mean 17 families...oh yes, Cole is in underwear at the garage sale, I failed to mention that he whipped his pants down to pee in the toy section of the barn and when i reminded him the next day to not go pee in the barn he stands with his toes on the concrete at the door and pees in the rocks in front of everyone....gotta love the obedient kids:)

I knew Cole was on the couch and walked into my room to get something and couldn't find him, he wasn't on the couch and i was calling for him....then i saw the curls!

We have such a good swimmer on our hands. After an hour of being in the pool he was swimming all over the place (don't worry daddy was in there with him)

Laidig girls- annual Chicago Trip 2010
(mom and me)

My sisters (Tiffany and Brittany)

My mother in law gave me a pie plate when Cody and I were dating. Her mother in law gave her one when she married Cody's dad. So, it was a sentimental pie plate. Well, while we were moving, it broke. She replaced it with this really pretty one. So, I thought I needed to post this cause it looks pretty...Rhubarb blueberry crisp....
Oh, did i mention, my husbands coming home from a business trip and I cooked AND baked....I know I know I over did myself....

He is feeling pretty confident in the water as you can see.....
Oh, this little curly heads imagination is starting to take off....
Here is how the conversation went while grocery shopping after he heard a boy in another aisle yell, "MOM!"
C: what that boy say?
Me: I don't know, what did he say?
C: "MOM!" ,we need to find that boy!
Me: Why buddy?
C: that boy is lost and scared
Me: why do you think he is lost and scared?
C: he is lost and scared in the hallway (i think he meant aisle)
Me: I think he is okay but keeping looking to see if you can find him
C: that boy is lost and scared in the hallway
me: I really think that boy is okay but keep your eyes peeled for him...
c: what Eye peeled mean?
me: keep looking for him babe
c: maybe he is in a dinosaur mouth....
I have heard of dinosaur attacks at Meiler lately, its a shame!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nashville to Asheville --Lantz style...

So, me and the Mr. are leaving town here in a few weeks. We are stopping in Nashville, TN to hang out with my sis in law! I am excited I haven't vbeen down there very much but when I have gone down there I loved it! My sis in law is really really fun too! We are then proceeding south(ish) east to go to Asheville, NC.
The Mr. is "working" a trade show and rumor has it this is a fun one to take the Mrs. to! I won't complain, i will gladly tag along and "work" well, by that i mean sit by the pool and take a nap when i feel like it and read a book or 4! Oh and I think I also heard a rumor about my attendance is needed at a few dinners...that is totally not a problem. However, all that relaxing means we are leaving the cutest little boy at home with family.
I know that it is "so good for parents to get away" and it will "make me a better mom" and that "he will be fine" but you know what, I don't know if I will be fine. I mean I am leaving cole for 7 nights. Let me say that again 7 NIGHTs and 8 DAYS. That is longer than all the nights that I have been apart from him in almost 3 years put together! So, all that to say I am anxious to get to enjoy just being a wife that week but am gonna miss mothering the best blessing God has given us. I am a little concerned with how the reunion with cole will be because, I left him SUnday night and Monday while the Sisters and my mom and I went to Chicago and Cody is also gone this week. So the past 2 nights he has woken up at night crying (which is really rare) and when i go up to get him and ask him what is wrong he says "my need you". So, i am enjoying the extra snuggles and the warm little body that is currently snuggled up in my bed sleeping next to me. I just hope he doesn't get to crazy on me since he is used to his daddy being away, not his mommy.
So, if you see me headed southbound with tears in my eyes, you will understand.