Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My sweet Pea loves to be outdoors....

Driving the tractor at the fair
Cody and Cole!!!
At the park
He loves dirt and rocks

He loves to swing too!

Driving a John Deere GQ style

He has been so much fun this past week. I love to watch him walk around and get into everything. He is such a joy! I love being a mom!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cody's Home!

Cody is home, well he has been home for a few days.

He got some sun and is even better looking than when he left! I went into the airport to pick him up and it was a few minutes before midnight which was a little earlier than his flight was supposed to arrive, and I saw this guy and he really looked like Cody but the way he was standing was not how I remembered Cody standing ever before( hand in pocket or something like that) I saw this man from the back and was thinking that it was Cody but was feeling bad because he was so good looking and I wasn't sure that it was him (not because Cody is not good looking, he is actually very hot but based on his stance I was very unsure). We (cole and I) approached this hot man slowly, a little cautious and then he turned around and there was my husband, the good looking man that I saw with his hands in his pockets waiting for his luggage!!! Back came the butterflies that were flying around in my tummy all of the way to the airport.

Let me explain to you why I am now a little cautious of my ability to recognize people....

Cody and I are very honest about the fact that there will always be better looking people in this world and we don't mind saying when we feel someone is attractive because we are very secure with our relationship and commitement to one another. Not that we practice this frequently but we are open to telling each other. Anyways... so last week my parents were pouring a new sidewalk and so one of my dads crews were tearing out the old one and I was walking up to the house and looked at the back of a young looking guys head and wondered to myself who that guy was that was nice looking, that young cute boy turned around and it was... my brother... Now that is pretty gross. I must say that he did just shave his head to rid of the mowhawk I gave him the previous day so he did not look like the same brother that i saw the night before... however, it still was very disturbing. Here is a picture of that young cute boy.....

My mom took this picture of him while we were on vacation... I will post some pictures of my hottie husband and his getaway to Colorado soon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It's offical, Cole is a toddler!!! I am so excited, I just love to see him toddle around with his hand up by his head for balance! It is the cutest thing. Cody, seriously,this is one step closer to him playing football!!! How fun! Here are some pictures of him walking and of him playing on the deck with a pot of water. I was making my sister's necklace for her wedding and was so deperately wanting ot get it done. Mom gave him a pot of water and he had so much fun, good idea mom!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Aunt Ashley....

Doesn't that sounds heavenly? Brittany is having a baby! I am finally going to be an aunt in January! I have been waiting for this for a long time! Here is the picture that we took when they told my family. We took one of these when we told my family we were pregnant too! It is now a tradition! She was practicing with a ball! She is gonna be such a cute little mommy!

That is all I have to say but i better post a picture for Cody since I have slacked the past few days...We love you see in in a few days!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Climbing Stair and eating blueberries!!!!

Cole has finally found the stairs and he is getting fast at climbing them! Which is kind of scary, but pretty fun to see him do new things. So we now put up the babygate. Although, he gets mad now that he can't get to them.

We also went to pick blueberries yesterday and it went way better than I thought it would go! He ate blueberries non stop for about 50 minutes. I am not excited to see that diaper. Cole also slept for a total of 5 hours during the day. As I found out last night, that is way too much sleep. He wasn't tired last night and couldn't go to sleep until 11:30 and kept waking up throughout the night wanting to play...Yikes! Cody, keep praying for patience for me, I think I am going to need it today for sure!

Also, our friends Scott and Kira had their baby yesterday and there have been a few more complications than what they had thought. You can follow their story by clicking on The Zicks, on the left side of our page. We are continuing to pray for Scott, Kira, Brody and beautiful little Jacob. My friend Steph and I are going to Dayton tomorrow to meet Jacob. I am leaving Cole overnight for the first time and even though last night was rough, I am sad to leave him overnight. He will be in great hands with my parents though!

Cody, here are some pictures of your big boy, Chubbs.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Finger Painting

As you can tell Cole is thrilled that he is finger painting
He was getting into it a little bit
He was impressed with his artistic ability
Once again it is all fun and games until someone gets mad...
Here is the final masterpiece....
What a sweet little boy who really misses his dad and wanted to paint him a picture!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 2 of ?

Yesterday, I took Cole outside for a little photo shoot for his John Deere birthday party invitations. Here are some of the pictures...
Cole is harvesting the corn with his tractor.He found a cornstalk from last year. It is so much fun to play in the field...

that is until....

Someone gets mad.

Here is a copy of his invitation....

So, that is all that is new with us for today! Enjoy your day!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 1 of ?

Daddy, look at how I am helping Mommy while you are gone.

I think I will be walking when I see you next, Can you believe it?

We love you and are praying for you! See you in a week and a half.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Well, I am going to start blogging for a few reasons.

- Cody is going to Colorado for about a week and a half for work and he wants me to post a lot of pictures. Last time he was gone it was hard to talk on the phone because of his schedule and reception wasn't great. So, I wanted to blog so he can keep up with us and maybe that will help him not miss us quite as badly.

- This will allow family to read about the happenings with our little boy who is not so little anymore.

- I want to be able to ramble about my sweet family and then be able to print this someday as a journal.