Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cody took Cole to his parents house with him to hang out for a few hours. So, I am here because I have laundry from Cody's Business trip to do and some cleaning that I would like to get done and a dog to take to the groomer.
I sat to read the bible and picked up what I thought was originally Cody's grandpa's bible (which i have looked thru a few imes before) however, I ACTUALLY read the first page and this bible is really originally Cody's great grandpas and it is dated Dec. 25th, 1918. Wow! Anyways, so I started flipping thru it like I usually do to see what he has underlined or to read all the things that grandpa cut out and stuck in there and I found this poem. It is weird because I am sitting alone looking out our patio door at all the fingerprints and streaks on the glass, however this is not really something that bothers me because they have been there for probably two months. Anyways, this poem is good reminder on what matter when days are hard and never ending...

It's called "I Sit and Rock Alone"

Just yesterday it seems my children
Played upon the floor
And I wiped countless fingerprints
from the window plane and door

I kissed away a thousand tears
and darned sock after sock
And tried to keep pace with the hands
That raced around the clock.

And Often when at the end of day
Too tired to sleep, in bed I lay.
I'd think how nice when, children
My time again should be my own.

So, now I sit and rock alone,
My hands at rest, the work all done;
No little tots upon the floor,
No fingerprints upon the door.

No socks to mend, bruises to kiss-
Ah me! How could I know I'd miss
The very things I grudged to do?
Dear, God, if only there might be
Someone again who needed me!

Author Unknown

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Love My Niece...

Look at that face.... ENOUGH SAID! I am so laughing out loud to myself right now! She is so cute!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I realized....

Disciplining is really ineffective when you bust out laughing in the middle of it.....Maybe someday I will grow up and not think everything is so funny. Until then, I will just turn my head and cover my face and laugh and laugh and then forget what I was saying in the first place.

On a side note- we have been playing in the mud and rain like crazy people. It is pretty fun!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

While we were out shopping with my mom yesterday, Cole and I had this conversation...


Me- (while sitting him on the potty to do his business) "oh wait, Cole, mommy needs to push
that guy down first" (meaning his wee wee)

Cole- "That not 'that guy', that my wee wee!" ***Repeat over and over and louder and louder***

Oh, Cole, my life would be so boring and quiet without you. I am so thankful that isn't the case!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Next thing you know he will be off to college.....

He has had this obsession with stuff on his head...
Once again....

Hmm... I wonder how he burned his hand.....
This is "organic" mud straight from the booty.... You know whe you child is in there room with the door shut and you get a feeling that you should check on them.... DON'T ignore that warning sign or this may be you... He was so proud of himself for piling poo on his choo choos and making a "mud" covered track! Seriously, how can you be mad I mean it is ABSSOLUTELYdisgusting but he entertained himself for quite awhile before he got caught.

Family Picture! (with Cole accessorizing us with Pull Ups)

We went bowling with Cody's family this past weekend. Here is my little bowling man....Look how big and so so handsome he looks!

The shoes with his little stylish jeans just makes me smile.

My sweet little nephew, Parker.

He was just hanging out waiting for like 20 mins for the ball to finally make it to the pins:)

Daddy helped him try it "big kid" style.

Im So Blessed! I love my boys, poop and all!