Thursday, December 2, 2010

The ways of Cole---

I love the days when seeing joy is easy as pie. Well, that has been my week... makes for a pretty good week especially when the Code man is out of town... Here are some highlights of my week.

~Cole does not quite understand that everyone has a butt crack and that is is always "cracked". He talks about putting his butt crack on the "welf" (shelf)...I don't know why but it cracks me up. We were eating lunch today and he looked and me and said with a straight face, "I have a butt crack, again"

~ Cole was sitting on the potty and I was trying to fish a booger out of his nose. Well, the booger was pretty stuck and so we were slowly chiseling away at it when he says, "Mommy, try this (he reaches his hand around to the back of his head and starts hitting his head) maybe that will help!"

~ He also asked me one day "did you eat your boogers when you were a little girl?" To which I replied, "No" he then proceeds to say, "I do...they get stuck in the middle" (meaning between his teeth in the gap:) Okay, I have never seen him eat his boogers but that is definitely encouragement to remember to brush his teeth!

~When I ask him if he wants to go to preschool he says, "NO, you might get sad", he nailed that one on the head!

There are so many more but those are the ones that have brought me so much joy lately.

Oh yeah, this one is kind of funny but not so joyful....
We were waiting for Cody to get on Skype and I was making popcorn in the kitchen so I put the laptop by him and told him when the computer started to ring to yell for me so I could answer Cody's skype call. Well, not but 5 mins later I hear some mumbling about "T" and walk into the living room where he is holding up the "T" key. I asked him why he pulled it off and he says, "cause i don't like T" so he then proceeds to ask ,"where that other piece went?" crawls on the floor and brings me the remaining piece of the key.....I tried to be disappointed, I really really did but he was so honest about it, I just couldn't help it.