Friday, October 10, 2008

We went to the Pumpkin patch and Cole was not really interested in the pumpkins, Go Figure. We did enjoy watching him run around!

There were goats at the pumpkin patch and he did not like them at all which is surprising he loves animals.... Cole loves to throw rocks in the pond, even though he really shouldn't because they are pretty landscaping rocks, he is so entertained by the splashes. I ,however, get so nervous because he does not fear the water at all. It is hard to play outside because he heads right to the ponds. It did make for some fun sction shots.....

Cole is all dressed in a fall outfit and I thought he looked so I had to take a picture

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Keep a diaper on your baby at all times.....

**What do you do when you find that the toilet overflows.... you run to find the plunger.

**What do you do with your naked baby squatting on the floor playing with your make up bag while you need to get a plunger from across the hall.... you shut him in the bathroom and run to get the plunger.

** What do you find when you get back.... a naked baby still squatting playing with your make up bag with a pile of poop under his booty.

This is the second time he has pooped while getting in or out of the shower... I need to get faster at clothing my son.