Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Go Cards!

Last weekend, we went to Muncie for our 2nd annual-skip one year, tailgate. It was BSU's homecoming and they played Eastern or Western Michigan (I know, that is really bad that I don't know but honestly I didn't watch the game)

My brother, Tyler came from IWU to hang with us!
My best friend, Kira, and her husband, Scott, graciously host us EVERY TIME we stay in Muncie! Cole and their son Brody are BFFs!
Okay, look at these two cute little boys! They get along great, unless Cole says "Crunchy" then for some reason, unbeknownst to us, Brody gets so mad, and says, "No, it's Crun-cheee" and then Cole says, "no its Tun-chee" and then you can pretty much imagine what the next 5 minutes sounds like:) Man, they sure are cute little buddies!
This is a not so awesome family picture. The funny part about Charlie the Cardinal is that when we first got to the stadium we were waiting on our friends so we went to visit the Ticket Office (that is where Cody used to work). When we came out we saw Charlie and Cole didn't want to go up and say "Hi". So, we told Cole to go tackle him, he loved that idea so he ran up and tackled him to the ground, some camera guy was taping it and then after he got Charlie to the ground, Cole did a WWF kind of stomp on Charlie's chest! Everyone was laughing so hard. I guess it made the pre-game on TV....

Cole seriously had the time of his life!

Here are the boys rocking out with the marching band!