Monday, May 24, 2010

How is it that boys can find the ONLY mud puddle in the whole long driveway?

And I love it!!!

So do they (Cole and his cousin Gabe)

He looks a little unsure but I promise, he LOVED it!
This is totally something my sisters and I used to do when we were little.

This kid not only is the best mud swimmer around, he is pretty AWESOME at doing puzzles!! Well, he is pretty awesome at everything.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Our sweet boy, Cole, was such a late talker. I was worried about him NEVER talking, everyone kept saying "he will talk and he won't ever stop"....well guess what everyone YOU'RE RIGHT!

Tonight, we were eating dinner and Cody asked Cole where Moose was. Cole said he was in Cole's room. So, Cody asked if he was playing with his toys. Cole replies, "No! moosey has no hands, dada!" A few more minutes after almost spitting out our food Cody and I were talking about this Huge project that he is quoting and I was asking him what would be the first thing he would do if it sold. Cody said he would run naked all the way back to the pig barns. Cole's reply: "Thats not a good idea"

A few nights ago our friend was going on a first date and so Cody and I were talking about "Kim's hot date" Well, of course at dinner and for many lunch prayers to follow Cole has insisted we pray for Kim on her hot date. I was getting curious how it was going and joked to Cody that we needed to go eat where Kim and her hot date were. Cole starts whining and saying," No, I don't wanna go, My not wanna be hot!"

These things are way funnier when he actually says them but you get the idea. He is a chatterbox and always seems to have something to say....I think he gets that from me:) Yikes!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bra shopping with a boy....

So, I attempted bra shopping with Cole the other day. I noticed a few things about Kohl's.

1- The aisles are way to narrow even for a stroller, I could not keep Cole from grabbing every single bra, that he could get his little hands on, and pulling them off the rack.

2- The store has an echoing quality to it, so when your son yells, "Need this BOOB now, mom?!" the whole store can hear you and not every person thinks it is funny.

3- They need a babysitting service for people who need to use the dressing room because Cole thoroughly enjoyed piling up all the "Boobs" and driving his cars up the hills and burying them.

4- I should have thought this one thru before I thought that it was a good idea to take him. All in all I laughed at my little boy more times that I probably should have during the process, he's too cute, I can't help it.

Check out this face! I laugh EVERY time!