Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the fly...

Cole just said, "mommy, do you know what that fly did?" "It bit me on the boob!"

Monday, June 20, 2011

Its a BOY its a BOY!

Well, its "ultrasound official" we are having baby boy #2! We are thrilled and this little guy looks healthy:)

Our big boy is amazing! I catch myself just staring at him and he is so so thoughtful. We were at a friends campfire and there were a bunch of kids running around so Cole was playing with them for awhile and next thing you know, he walks into the adult circle of chairs with 3 beautiful yellow flowers for me that he picked. I don't know if this one could get any sweeter.

Which, makes it wonderful to think of having another boy around here (not to mention not having to share my husband with another girl:) however, I feel that Cole has set a pretty high standard and i want this baby to be exactly how God made him but yet, am nervous because I love everything about Cole! Honestly, he is such a wonderful kid. yes, he can be naughty but he rarely has to be punished. usually, he listens to what he is told and he is proud of himself for listening the first time, unless he is without a nap (which is usually my fault). I love that Cole is so concerned about how I am feeling if I have a cold and is always praying for peoples hurt body parts:) So, i guess even if this little one is a complete handful and if he is naughty more than nice and not one to snuggle, I will still love him just the way he is because I know that God made this little baby just for me and I wouldn't want him any other way.