Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I posted on facebook about this but I had to share it again!

Cody is out of town this week and we finally hooked up our other webcam to his computer so that we could skype while he is gone. Cody was really excited to be able to see Cole thru out the week, well probably me too, but I am sure Cole takes the prize:) So, tonight Cole and I ate ice cream while Cody told Cole a bedtime story and then after a bunch of kisses Cody said that it was time to pray. We always hold hands when we pray and so Cody held his hand up to the webcam and Cole held his up to our webcam and then grabbed mine while we prayed. That makes my heart so so happy! I wish I would of had a picture of it but of course I don't.

Also, I usually am so annoyed with our dog but tonight he is being good. He always sleeps on the floor in our room at night or he lays in his kennel. Well, Cole wanted him in his room when I put Cole to bed so Moose got shut in there for awhile. I let him out and I am sitting here wondering where Moose is so I crawled to the end of my bed and peered out into the hall and this is what I saw......

Moose is laying in the hallway in between my room and Coles....I think he is torn on who to "protect" so he chose the middle:) He has never done that before:) Okay, so Moose is a really good dog:)!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Coley bean and and $20 worth of dried beans= one very messy kitchen and a very happy kid:)

So, Coles buddy, Jackson, has a bean and rice box and whenever we go there he plays with it and has so much fun. He plays for a very longtime and after they are done,Nichole's covetted Dyson is brought out to clean up the mess! Sounds like fun right?.....

After racking my brain for something fun to do I decided to go buy the stuff to make one. I needed some container to put the beans in and something that Cole could potentially sit in and lots and lots of dried beans. So off we went....
He started getting a little crazier and at one point he was squatting on the side edge of the container jumping into the beans like it was a swimming pool or something.....

By the end of this all he had every part to one of his Thomas Train Tracks in the container (note the scattered pieces)

It as worth every bean I had to pick up and sweep of the floor.
Its all fun and games until you find this under the lid....

Well, for also for those who didn't know.... we were kind of concerned abot Cole and his lack of speech last year about at this time. We had him in first steps for about 2 months and we took him out because he would not answer the therapists questions and only would answer them if I asked. (The therapist was great with him too) So fast forward about 4-5 months after therapy was done. This kid talks like nothing else. Cody and I are still not used to it and laugh at what things he comes up with.

**I think he is starting to pick up on my dislike of our dog, Moose. Cole gets mad if I put Moose in his kennel when I get annoyed with Moose. He is always telling me Moose is his moose dog. Well, one day after getting frustrated with Moose and having Cole get frustrated with me for being frustrated at Moose, I said "Cole, your Moose dog is driving me nuts".....

Fast Forward 24 hours.....Cody and i were in his room getting him changed out of his jammies and after Cody and I were telling Moose to "get", Cole says, "Moose Dog drive momma nuts!" Ahh... what a smart little boy.

**Today in the car he sneezed and I heard him say, " 'cuse me"

A new quickly rambled string of words Cole now says when I say, "I love you, Cole" he quickly sounds back... "No, my dada lub me, mimi matt lub me, moose dog lub me"

I, pretty much at this point in his life, don't hold a candle to his dada. Cole will remind me that "Dada is his Buddy" an that Dada is his Best Friend"

Im a little jealous but I am so glad he has that with Cody, I guess I can be second place, who knows I may even fall below Moose dog:)

This has been long enough, I apologize but he is my Love and I can't help but go on and on.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Time sure flies...

Over the past few days, I have been working on a "scrapbook" online for cole's second year, considering I am surrently behind schedule:) Cody is very sad/happy that Cole is growing up, he is always telling me that he is going to miss this age and that he wants a ton of kisses and snuggles in bed with Cole because the days are numbered.

While working on this I found a bunch of pictures that I forgot about and just kept making these "sigh" noises. I didn't know Cody was really paying attention to what I was doing and finally he said, "I know it hurts me just as much as it hurts you." I thought it was pretty sweet to hear that because even though Cody tells me he wants him to stay 2 forever and tht he wants to wake Cole up in the middle of the night to bring him into our room, I realized that dads just don't only dream of the day when their son makes their first tackle or catches their first ball but they also dream of the sweet kisses they are gonna get when they walk in the door and of the little hand they get to hold while at the grocery store. I always thought that I would miss the toddler Cole more than Cody but, now I am not so sure... I think its a toss up.

Cody is such an amazing dad, even better than I ever imagined. I am so blessed and most importantly, so is Cole.