Friday, June 25, 2010

Where have i been?

The Code man has been doing this....
Yeah he's 6'4" and he can fix washing machines when the need arises!Cole has been balling it up too... not quite as tall as his daddy, YET I am sure he will tower over me soon!Sliding down slides, and yes, he is in his PJ's and no, he did not have those on all day...
This is my cute brother who let Cole ride around with him on the bobcat while he was doing some work around out house.

Cole can now swim with floaties all around the pool! He has been practicing in the bath.

He usually wants to big big like daddy who is "big like a monster" but when it comes to eat something he doesn't like he insists that he wants to be "A little tiny guy"

I have been slowly painting different rooms in the house, okay lets be honest I have only painted 2, but it takes awhile, I promise.

Here is the kitchen...

This rug was where I got the inspiration for the crazy green color.

I made a burlap curtain no sewing, just hot glue. That's my kind of project.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well, its Official.... this red cheeked little cutie is POTTY TRAINED! Well, by potty trained I mean during the awake hours of the day. He is still in pull ups at nap and night time. It has been 8 days... let me say that again 8 days, of NO ACCIDENTS! We were kind of working on it about 3 weeks ago and then one day (the day we were going to the playland at Mickey D's of all things) he declares, "My not need diapers anymore" and that was that. No more accidents.
He has had a little tird slip out onto the grass while going pee in the yard. He sure was proud of himself for that one! He came running over saying, "Momma, my poop in the grass like Moosey (our dog) do!!" HAHA! Sure enough!