Wednesday, March 23, 2011

its been forever....

Well, i kind of am not good at updating but Cole had quite a interesting question this morning and I thought I would share....

Cole-" Mommy how do babies come out?"
Me- " (stuttering) "Well, Cole, what do you think?"
C- "a slide?"
M- "yes, thats right....a slide"
C- "Where is the slide?" (as he is staring at me)
M- "Ummm...why don't we ask daddy when he gets home..."
C- "No, I think you know"

OH MY GOODNESS!!! This little boy is totally calling me out. He was not gonna let it drop until daddy came home. Good grief:) How do these things even get in his mind?

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Jewel said...

Well? Don't leave us hanging! How did you continue or end this conversation?